How to Enter

◙ Filling the online entry form at and prompt dispatch of the video is an essential prerequisite for a video to be accepted for the competition
◙ There is no entry fee for submitting a video for the competition
◙ Only videos produced after January 1, 2018, will be taken into consideration for the competition
◙ The duration of your video(s) must not exceed 90 seconds, excluding titles and credits
◙ The competition is open to short videos of all production techniques, including animation, documentary, drama, experimental or artist film and hybrid work
◙ The maximum number of entries per individual is five
◙ The primary contact completing the submission process must be authorized to submit the video(s) and must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images
◙ If the original language is not English, you are encouraged to include English subtitles
◙ If your video(s) is /are shortlisted, you will be asked to send in a higher resolution version. Please note that only the director(s) will be credited on the website and any other promotional material
◙ The submission of a video grants to the organizer a free of charge, non-exclusive license for the use of the video and other submitted materials to hold public screenings of the video, translate it into any language and to use and manage the translations for non-commercial purposes

Technical Requirments

◙ The video file should be labeled with the video title and entry number, if more than one
◙ The video should be available for download as a media file
◙ The video file should be supplied at its original resolution, frame rate and aspect ratio, with no letterboxing or pillar boxing
◙ Audio should be normalized and embedded within the video file
◙ File size should not more than 4GB
◙ The video file type should be one that can be opened in QuickTime Player. Image sequences are also acceptable if supplied with synced audio and details of the frame rate
◙ The format version of the video must be DV-PAL at 16:9 aspect ratio or 4×3 widescreen anamorphic
◙ There should also be one second of black frame before and after the video

Number of Entries Allowed

◙ One person can submit a maximum of five videos on the competition theme
◙ The competition is being held in two categories
◙ One category is for Afghan nationals submitting videos highlighting positive sentiments and trust building towards Pakistan
◙ Second category is for Pakistani nationals submitting videos highlighting positive sentiments and trust building towards Afghanistan

We Can Win

◙ In total 10 submissions – 05 from Pakistan and 05 from Afghanistan – will be shortlisted for awards and screening in various parts of the world
◙ The top two submissions from Pakistan and Afghanistan will win top of the range video camera Nikon P1000 with 3000mm zoom or equivalent
◙ The second positions or the runners up from the two countries will be awarded the high-performing Canon EOS 200D or equivalent
◙ The submissions from each country adjudged third position will receive Lenovo IdeaPad 15 Intel Core i3 7th Gen or equivalent
◙ In addition to the top three positions, four shortlisted submissions, two each from Pakistan and Afghanistan, will receive special prizes